Why go dedicated instead of contract?

More businesses today are outsourcing projects today. In order to meet the demands of different clients, outsourcing service providers are innovating advanced business models. In this article, we shall discuss the dedicated developer team model. We shall also seek to understand the benefits of this model and why it is better than the onshore model.

A dedicated developer team is a model that relies on a contract between the service provider and the client, where the former is responsible for providing the client with development experts on a long term basis. The experts are selected depending on the client demands according to their qualifications, expertise, and experience.

When it comes to managing the team, clients can opt to shoulder the task or even delegate it to the service provider’s team manager who then facilitates communication. Dedicated developers execute the client’s tasks from the service provider’s office. The dedicated team model comes with a transparent and manageable pricing system.

Monthly payments are determined by the size of the team and comprise of service provider’s fees inclusive of administrative expenses and salaries for the team members. Dedicated developers come in handy to provide clients with the skill set they lack in their own businesses.


Understanding the Onshore Model

 The onshore model is the process where the employees working for your company reside in the same region or country. Onshore companies are popular for providing excellent quality work and great customer service. However, they are quite costly. Here, clients are allocated a dedicated account manager and project manager.

They can even choose to meet the dedicated developers face to face. Onshore companies are available in various sizes ranging from large agencies with more than 75 employees, medium-sized companies with approximately 25 to 75 employees, and small-sized companies with between 5 to 20 employees. The rates vary depending on the region. However, it can be anything from $115 to $200 for every resource hour.

Why is the Dedicated Developer Team Model Better than the Onshore Model?

Onshore companies are usually quite expensive. Sometimes the cost can be up to three times more than what clients would spend on the developer team model. If you are searching for a budget-friendly model, the dedicated team model is far much better than the onshore model.

One of the most notable advantages of the dedicated team model is that the service provider bears the employee management expenses. Your company does not have to pay employee benefits such as health insurance, neither do you have to worry about employees going on vacation or even being away on sick offs.

Another major benefit of using this method is that the team is permanent. You don’t have to worry about the employees leaving the project unfinished. The more your company interacts with the dedicated developers, the more you build your relationship. The employees will have a better understanding of your project needs and will gain experience along the way.


How does dedicated teamwork?

The dedicated team model is designed for long term projects with variable conditions. It can also be ideal for your company if lacks sufficient qualified employees and your company will benefit from the expertise and solutions of dedicated developers.


Why Should You Hire a Dedicated Developer Team?

By hiring a dedicated developer team your company will:

  • Gain knowledge, experience, and technical skills which your
    technical staffs don’t have
  • Concentrate on more important matters of your business and
    deliberate on ways to enhance the company operations
  • Reduce administrative overheads affiliated with recruiting an in
    house team
  • Cut down project risks up to zero by outsourcing the development
  • Assign the team management responsibilities to an outsourced
    service provider
  • Hasten projects whose launch would have delayed had you relied on
    your in house team

The dedicated developer team recruitment process involves three parties. They are; an outsourced service provider, the client, and the employees. In this case, the service provider in the main player who is tasked with hiring the dedicated developer team. The process is as follows:

The client gives the outsourced company a comprehensive requirement list complete with the level of competency they are looking for and the number of experts who should execute the project.

The outsourced company embarks on a mission to identify the ideal candidates and shortlists them. The team and the client then discuss the scope of the project, the workload, the requirements, and the details of subsequent work.

Once the deal is finalized, the experts begin executing the project accordingly to its completion. During the project, the client has comprehensive control of the team and its progress.


What Should You Consider When Choosing A service Provider?

There are various considerations you should make before choosing a service provider as seen below.


Do Due Diligence

You don’t want to outsource your project to incompetent individuals. Once you have identified a service provider that you are interested in, you need to evaluate the company background, check references, and any projects recently completed by your preferred company. Ensure that the service provider has sufficient experience in projects similar to what you are outsourcing.

The provider should have a clear understanding of your specific field, your target market, and your technologies. For example, if you specialize in FinTech, then the provider should be proficient in that field. For a successful long term engagement, you may want to analyze the experience and skills of the team members too before getting into a binding working relationship with the provider.


Develop Robust Communication Infrastructure

Communication is essential when you are dealing with a dedicated team. You need to adopt advanced gadgets, software, and channels to enhance communication between you and your dedicated developer team.


Define the Demands and Objectives of Your Project

Have a comprehensive vision of your expectations. For example, if your company deals with real estate and you want to create a website, determine both its front end and back end performance. To succeed in this, you can have employees from various teams to assist you to outline the scope of your project as well as the main functions. In the end, you can appoint

What are the Advantages of Working with a Dedicated Developer Team?

A dedicated developer team is ideal for entrepreneurs who understand the guideline and redundancy stages of a project and are prepared to invest money on a long term basis. Here are the benefits of hiring a dedicated developer team.



Apart from defining the dedicated developer team’s workload, the client bears ultimate control over the activities of the team. The project program may incorporate different tasks and the client can easily change the project demands.

Direct communication between the client and the team is critical and the members are at liberty to raise any problems they are facing with the project. This allows the client to respond fast and offer guidance where necessary.


Cutting Down Search and Recruitment Expenses

The outsourcing service provider bears the responsibility of providing the ideal employees for the project. Other expenses include training and office expenses. The client will not have to rent huge premises to accommodate the staffs as well.

The minimum gap that exists between making project decisions and launching the project is one of the critical advantages of hiring a dedicated developer team. With an entire team within the same place, the planning and introductory processes become easier.

Enhanced Staff Management

The client is able to overhaul the team either through engaging or dismissing some members of the team according to the agreed upon terms. With an understanding of each members proficiency, skill, and experience about the project, project managers are able to distribute roles depending on each employee’s ability.

As the project progresses, the client may decide to reduce the team especially once all the basic stage of the project is completed. When the project needs to increase, then the dedicated team can be increased to meet them.



If your in-house team does not have enough experience to complete the technical tasks at hand, then your company can benefit from outsourcing the project. A dedicated developer team consists of smart, creative, experienced and qualified experts who are capable of providing the best solutions depending on your needs. What’s more, the team will make it possible for you to understand the intricate parts of your project.

Hiring a dedicated developer team comes with various challenges which include: difficulties in developing trust between the team members and the client, lack of contact on a personal level, and management conflicts.

Is it possible to develop a team culture while in a long distance working relationship? The following tips can ease the process.

  • Agree to have updates every week or even on a daily basis with the
    whole team. This will not only keep the members updated, but it will also track
    their progress.
  • Hold one on one talks every month to ensure that everyone is on
    the same page as well as encourage each other to strive towards achieving the
    earmarked objectives.


If you have a long term project, hiring a dedicated developer team will be the ideal solution for your business. Not only will you save on hiring and recruitment costs, but you will be able to benefit from diverse skills and proficiency from qualified professionals.