Top Mistakes When Hiring Technical Talent

As a startup entrepreneur, your company will not have enough money to offer corporate or even big paychecks. However, you are trusting that your potential employees will join your company and collaborate with you to build the company and work towards achieving your objectives.In order to encourage would-be employees into accepting your offer, you need to share your long term goals with them. Once they understand your plans for the company and what you aspire to do to achieve the same, they will be more than interested to take part in the growth and work towards achieving success.


what are top mistakes when hiring technical talent

Test Actual skills

Many entrepreneurs often concentrate more on potential employee’s credentials such that they forget to assess their capabilities. Evaluating the candidate’s resume and experience is essential. However, the positions they held prior to applying for the job at your premises could probably be irrelevant in regard to the job you are offering.Assess the actual skills during the interview especially if your not familiar with the candidates you are interviewing. You can even give them a tangible assignment and evaluate their performance accordingly. The test assignment doesn’t have to be complex. You can begin with an easy task depending on the position the candidates are applying for.


Hire Your Supporters

When you hire people who believe in your dream, you are hiring a team of people who will assume ownership in the company. Such employees will often be more hardworking compared to ordinary staffs. What’s more, your supporters will often be excellent when it comes to promoting the business through word of mouth.Your supporters will be passionate about working for your company and will strive to develop your brand. It’s for this reason that they will enjoy sharing your brand with their friends, family, and even people on their social media platforms. The more your supporters speak about your brand the more many of their friends will be interested in working for you. In the end, you will get the right employees for your company.

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Hire Remote Employees

Have you tried all the above tips and still can’t seem to find the right talent? Why not attempt to hire remote employees? There are numerous advantages of hiring employees remotely. Not only do you get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of talent across borders, but you can also discuss the best terms that work for both of you.What’s more, you can cut down your company expenses by hiring remote employees. Some entrepreneurs opine that remote employees are not the ideal option for startups especially in the initial stages. If this is the case for you, then you can discuss flexible working conditions in a bid to encourage talented individuals to work with you.


Don’t let go Existing Talent

Once you’ve spotted talented individuals, you should remember that they are driven and inspired by talent. They will be more interested in propelling their careers to higher levels. They cannot do this without motivation and career growth opportunities. Create learning opportunities and establish a strategy within your company to celebrate milestones as they happen.Celebrate each other on achieving major steps and this will not only motivate your employees to continue working for you, but they will also attract more talent in your company. This way, your company will benefit from the well of talented staff, and the staffs will also benefit from the learning opportunities you provide for them.

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Mistakes that startups Should Avoid During the Hiring Process

As the technology industry becomes overly competitive, there is an ongoing battle for talented technical staffs and its happening across the world with every company striving to be the best in the market. As a result, many companies will pick unqualified candidates to execute their tasks.Startups especially are highly likely to make major mistakes during the hiring process due to lack of experience. As a startup entrepreneur, you should realize the dangers that come with hiring the wrong talent for your business. This is why we came up with the following common mistakes to help you avoid them.


Poor Hiring Procedures

When you start a business, you’ll be too excited to hire staff and set the ball rolling. In this process, you are highly likely to pick the wrong staffs in a hurry. In order to find the right candidates for your startup, you’ll need to:
• Have a laid down hiring structure and adhere to it
• Interview for experience, expertise, and cultural fit as opposed to interviewing for credentials only.
• Have a hiring criteria in a bid to have a clear understanding of; the employee personalities, their salary expectations, their skills, their experience from interacting with different people in the market.
• Allow candidates to raise any questions they have and brief them on the business, their roles should they be hired, and generally, orient them into what the business is all about.
• Reach an agreement at the end of the interview
• Assess candidate motivations, weaknesses, strengths, and behavior.


Hiring Culturally as Opposed to Level of Expertise

Many businesses are suffering today for lack of enough staffs with sufficient skills. Of course, making sure that your potential employees are a robust cultural fit. However, you should beware that the ultimate recruitment process involves avoiding anything that can have a negative impact on your business.Let’s take this example of a popular startup company which a couple of years ago decided to hire a culturally fit vice president of the company’s engineering department. Out of his influence, the engineering team showed tremendous growth and everybody was contented working with the vice president. However, there was a problem with the team.He was not running it appropriately and this meant that the engineering department had no representative during executive meetings. This resulted in major scaling problems. Today, the startup business is not only unable to achieve any platform changes, but distributing new features is a major challenge. This is a clear indication that hiring your employees culturally is not the best idea.

Group Mistakes

Unregulated Interviews

Startup entrepreneurs will often conduct unofficial interviews with their potential employees. Some of them will be as casual as a chat. Of course, not many people can structure official interviews but this does not mean that your interviews should be casual. Conduct research and establish how you can conduct a structured interview.You can even get help with the interviews from an experienced person. A good interviewer should be in a position to establish the strengths and weaknesses of their candidates. At the end of the interview, the interviewer should be in a position to establish the candidate’s achievements, and how suitable they are for the position they are interviewing for.


Focusing on Local Talent

Some startups overlook the importance of searching across the globe for technical talent. Often, this can be due to cultural differences. Let’s take the silicon valley for instance where the definition of success varies. If you can accommodate talented individuals in your company who have a different view of the world, your company will benefit from the diversity of talent and ideas, and this will encourage growth and transformation within the business. This strategy is especially necessary for you if you’re looking at putting your business at the global space.

Discuss Your New Hires

Misinterpreting Diversity

Many people think diversity only focuses on race and gender. However, diversity also covers various factors such as; where you grew up in, education, as well as the subjects you took in school. Further, it involves, global experience, culture, and what you can or cannot do. Often, startups opt to employ the youth while looking down upon the older generation. Thinking that only the young are energetic enough to drive success is a major mistake that startups should avoid.



The above tips will help you become more cautious when interviewing your potential employees. Further, you will strive to avoid the mistakes listed above and this will help your business find and retain the best technical talent.