Top Tips for Building a Great Startup Team


Every established entrepreneur understands that a business cannot succeed without a great team. Even though the entrepreneur often has the business execution strategies and dreams, he will eventually need a strong team to actualize the business objectives. In this article, we shall look at top tips to help you develop a strong startup team. We shall also discuss why your principal team is vital for your startup business.

You have finally decided to venture in the business industry and are already armed with the plan for your startup. Your next step should be choosing the right team to help you accomplish the vision you have for your startup.

Successful startup businesses understand that their core employees are the foundation of the company. It’s, therefore, necessary to select the right people with a potential for growth. If you are looking to build team for your startup, you want to have some people in mind who you share your dreams, and who you can trust to help you execute your vision.

Prior to beginning your search, you need to beware of the critical characteristics of a prosperous startup team. It’s worth noting that a practical team is essential when it comes to avoiding some of the common mistakes that many startups make. Take your time and establish the best people to build a great startup team.

Importance of the Principal Team for Startups


The principal team you pick for your startup is essential for various reasons as we shall see below.

·The Team Implements Your Strategies and Ascertains their Fate

Building a great startup team

No entrepreneur can realize their vision alone. You will need a strong and focused team to work with, seeing that it’s the team that implements your vision for the startup by designing short term goals out of it and remaining focused towards meeting their targets. This goes a long way in transforming your dream into reality.The pace at which you advance and accomplish the milestones depends on the value of your team in terms of expertise, knowledge, aptitude, attitude, and competence. Further, seeing that many startups are cash strapped, the members of your potential team should be willing to multitask and execute various responsibilities accordingly before the startup finally stabilizes. The entrepreneur’s main responsibility should be focusing on the more robust objectives and directing the startup in the right direction.

·They Determine Your Startup’s Culture

Building a great startup team

A company’s culture is characterized by the natural beliefs, personality, and values of the principal team in collaboration with the entrepreneur. The culture of your startup can be highly impacted by the beliefs and values of the founding team.Of course, developing the culture cannot be achieved overnight and you together with your team will need to work on it over and over until you perfect it to meet your standards. Your principal team plays a major role in determining and spreading it through the hierarchy. They are critical catalysts when it comes to spreading your startup’s values.

Your culture will have a direct impact on your employee’s conduct and how the entire business is recognized. Therefore, the cultural fit of the principal team should be evaluated prior to hiring them to ensure they can uphold and spread the values that you believe in and stand for. This will also help avoid disagreements or conflicts in the future.

·The Right Team Balances out Your Competencies and Expertise and Promotes Teamwork

Building a great startup team

The right staff will balance out one another’s competencies and expertise in a bid to bring about cooperation to your effort. For instance, you will still need a robust technical staff to complement your creative skills. If you are the holder of the technical skills, you will need the support of a strong creative staff to steer your startup in the right direction, knowing well that startups benefit extensively from diverse skills.

Here, you will require people who are capable of comprehending and manage various aspects of your startup. This can only be done if you build a team with different skills and who are capable of collaborating to accomplish the objectives of your startup. You may want to practice diversity in terms of talents and philosophies to balance out the startup.

Tips to Help You Build a Great Startup Team


The following tips should come in handy to ensure that you build a team strong enough to propel your startup in the right direction.

Augment Individual Skills

Building a great startup team

The importance of having a team in the first instance is to enhance your startup’s productivity in a cohesive and effective manner. Just the same way different car parts collaborate to make driving the car possible, every team member should possess unique expertise and should be ready to share the same with the entire team in a bid to achieve specific goals. This is why you should search for the ideal mix of professional expertise capable of executing tasks together as a team.



One thing that stands between an exceptional business and the power to endure the market is the staff’s vision. Having employees who only focus on the startup’s short term goals is not worth it. Rather, you need to build a team that shares in your vision and objectives for the startup and collaborate to achieve long term objectives out of the business. Consider the vision-based tips below which will help get the right people to grow your business.

·Evaluate the Present State

Building a great startup team

Assuming you conducted research to establish what people think about your business. Would you receive the same opinions? Of course not because everyone’s reasoning capacity varies. From the feedback you receive, you’d want to explain your own point of view.

·Adapt to Financial Objectives

Building a great startup team

This step is paramount as it lets you envision the future of your business and how every member’s contribution would influence the same. You’d want to give every tea member a clear picture of how they can contribute to the business growth.

·Lay Down Your Overall Ambitions and Priorities

Building a great startup team

While short term goals are essential, avoid focusing on them too much to a point of forgetting your long term objectives. Sharing your long term goals with the entire team will help them prepare accordingly.

·Develop Confidence Via Near-Term Application

Building a great startup team

Let your team know their position, whether they are executing their tasks appropriately, and what they can do to improve their performance. You may want to give them some perks as a way of motivating them to envision the long term prosperity they have with the company.With these tips, you can either build a great startup team out of your already existing staffs or search for new staffs who can complement your vision better and linger in the company for a prolonged period.

Implement a Conflict Resolution Strategy

Building a great startup team

Few people are interested in thinking about what would happen when working as a team. However, conflicts will always arise especially when the team members don’t understand how to embrace tea work. In such a case, entrepreneurs should have in place a conflict resolution strategy for the employees to adhere to in times of conflict. This makes problem-solving easy and goes a long way in avoiding problems that can negatively influence employee productivity.

Have well-Defined Roles

Building a great startup team

You need to clearly define each team member’s role before the hiring process. Each member should not only understand their exact roles, but they need to understand how their roles influence the team. When roles are clearly defined, team members will play their part in the team with dedication and commitment.

Communicate Clearly


Did you know that you can hire experienced and qualified staffs who have no communication skills? Communication between your employees is essential as it puts everyone on the same page. This way, everybody is able to get the job done for the benefit of the company. While a team consists of many people, it operates like one entity where every team member plays their role separately.

To achieve this there should be good communication between your employees. You should aster the art of guiding your employees to communicate better with one another and create a conducive foundation to allow members to share ideas. You can even organize training aimed at teaching your employees how to enhance communication among themselves.

Recognize and Appreciate Your Team


It’s worth noting that a team operates out of one another’s energy, and it’s that energy that inspires them day after day. This means that one member’s un-productivity can have a negative impact on the rest of the team which can affect their ability to function appropriately. Engaging your team goes a long way in encouraging and motivating them to keep chasing the company’s objectives. If you want to engage your employees, you should master the art of appreciation and recognition. Notice their efforts and reward them accordingly. Everybody yearns to be valued and appreciated.


In the process of building a great startup team, you should recognize the fact that members of your team also want to grow as the company develops. Avail learning resources to the team members for continued learning and growth in the right directions. Keep holding discussions with your team and ensure they feel motivated, appreciated, and above all, understand their roles. With your unending support, they will be inspired to commit themselves to propel the business in the right direction.