Welcome To Live From The Trail.

Day 1, starting our video blog or VLog for hiring remote developers for your startup.

As part of our service, we’re starting a 12 month long experiment video blog and calling it Live From The Trail.  It will be a weekly video log chronicling tips, tricks, hacks, and thoughts on all things about hiring and working with software development teams while you build out software services.

My name is Geordie Wardman, and I started this V Log for a few reasons.

  • Because it’s not something I would ordinarily do, and I felt I wanted to learn from the challenge.
  • I am (was) training for an ultra marathon, and was spending a lot of time outside not being able to work. So I combined training and work into one
  • I’m committed learning, and teaching any tips, tricks, thoughts, lessons from my 15 year long experience working with remote developers and building software companies.
  • It’s an excuse to combine a few passions on mine. Being outside, and helping people start their own dreams.

The idea about the vlog is to keep the lessons, or thoughts short. I usually will aim to keep them shorter than 3 minutes. Some may only be slightly longer than 1 minute. Why? Because when I watch other people’s videos I rarely want to watch them for longer than that. If I have something to say, I’ll say it. I won’t drag on about it. I’ll say the main thought I have about that topic and keep it short. I hope you appreciate that.



The videos will probably start out a little raw too. I think that’s appropriate for a small business that’s just getting going into something new. It’s also my attitude towards starting new projects. Done is better than perfect, or something like that. Get it out there, and see how people react. As I do more vlogs, I can add more polish.

I’ll also be keeping these blogs short, since most of the information will already be included in the video. Again, keeping it short for your viewing pleasure.

Each Vlog will be taken from an outside venue, where ever I happen to be at that time. Even on vacation. Even in the rain, snow or fog, but not in doors. That’s why I’m calling it Live From The Trail.

Thanks, and that’s all I have for now, from the trail.