How to hire an offshore developement team

While hiring is never easy, hiring a development team is even trickier. In order to build a
development team, you need to ensure that each developer is an expert in their
field, is a team player, has the right personality to fit your company and
meets a plethora of other requirements. Assembling a great development team is
like a puzzle, every piece has to fit in the right place.

In this article we will be looking at the various options of hiring developers, the
nuances involved in the process and giving you some general advice on hiring a
development team as well as the process of finding a team of dedicated
developers who will add value to your business. Simply put, we will be telling
you everything you need to know about hiring a development team. So first
things first.

Know your goals, needs and requirements

Before you start any hiring process  the first thing
you need to do is know exactly what your goals are. Once you know what they
are, you will be able to anticipate your needs this what you require from the
team you intend to hire. Once you have all this information, then it will be a
lot easier to find the right candidates for the job and the team you assemble
will be highly capable of finding the right approach when working on your

Access your situation

Now that you are ready to hire, the next step would be to access your situation both
financially and capacity-wise. Are you capable of hiring permanent staff or
would you rather outsource? Outsourcing is quite a common practise for midsize
and small enterprises which can’t afford their own developers. Hiring a
dedicated team of developers has become synonymous to software outsourcing.
However, there exists slight differences. Dedicated development teams of various
skills and sizes are usually available for a specific long term project.
Whether you want to produce a game, mobile app or website, with this model of
cooperation you will have full control over the process and also stay mobile in
business decisions.

Dedicated development team model: What is it
all about?

A dedicated development team model is a type of engagement model where you the client have
a contract with a software development company on a project with specific
requirement for its development. A dedicated development team features a
combination of high skills, affordable costs and total commitment. In simple
terms, this means hiring a single team of skilled developers to do the job.
They are required to stay exclusively dedicated to your project till the end.

The job of the outsourcing company is to look for the development resources who not only
meet all your requirements including your project scope and framework. In turn,
your job as the client is to provide the necessary resources for the project
including the provider’s fee which is inclusive of infrastructure and
administrative expenses as well as information payment of the team’s
salary.  In general, a dedicated team works as if you were they were your own employees in that you have full control
of the team as well as the  project. On the other hand, the outsourcing company hires dedicated developers, houses team members and
provides administrative support.

A dedicated development team model is also a suitable option if your core team lacks specific
skills and experience needed for the project. You can also go for this option
is it is a challenge to acquire such full-time developers from your residential
country. The general idea behind a dedicated development team is do you the
client to get unique, quality and project-spwcific solutions from the offshore

From the beginning of your project to its completion, you will have frequent and
interactive communication with the offshore developers either through a project
manager or directly. This will allow you to assess the project’s progress while
the offshore team learns more about the project requirements.

A dedicated development team model is best in
the following situations:

  • If your project could amend technical requirements over time.
  • If your project is large, complex and time consuming as it avoids the risk of changing
    developers in the process.
  • If your project involves multiple technologies, frameworks and third party services
    among other things. More so if it has a certain level of unpredictability and

Using word of mouth

Personal advocacy and word of mouth is the best promotion for ant service and software
development is no exception. Chances are your friends, relatives or colleagues
have definitely used the help of some developer to deploy a business analytics
solution, launch a web app or create a website, and can introduce you to them.

However, it is crucial you know that the technology stack differs, such that a mobile and
web app developer might not be able to do the job of a person delivering
business analytics solutions or building a payment getaway. Therefore, even if
a development team was able to deliver a great service to your family member or
colleague, they may not be able to do the same for your project, yet they may
be able to introduce you to someone who can.

Browsing the internet in search of a
development team

A plethora of seasoned development teams offer their services over the internet through
their landing pages. The creation and promotion of websites offering various
development and delivery services require plenty of time and effort. Therefore,
companies who do this are most likely serious about their jobs. More so, if
such websites appear on SERPs then it means the tes behind them must be doing
their jobs quite well.

Should you opt for hiring a development team off the internet, try to search for keywords
that are relevant to your project. The following are examples of such keywords:

  • Custom-tailored cloud solutions
    for businesses and startups
  • Full-cycle services for startups
  • Medicare web development
  • Building an MVP for startups

The keywords in your search requests should be related to your project. The resulting pages
should then provide the contacts of multiple development teams or their contacts
on industry-specific classified advertisement websites and boards. This may
also bring up the reviews from previous clients of the said teams on the
websites or boards.

Hiring a dedicated software development team
from LinkedIn or social media

Perhaps the most obvious way of reaching out to development teams is by contacting them
through social media sites such as LinkedIn and facebook. In such place, there
are thematic groups where you can find the type of developers you are looking
for. All you need to do is post your project description there and ask for
contacts of worthy contractors, help or at least a repost. Remember, sharing is
caring and so your friend and family can do this for you as well.

Since LinkedIn is a social network that is built to connect professionals, it might
be wise to give it a shot. Here, specialists post their portfolios specifying
their skills. You can use their level of endorsement to see their overall
efficiency at their job.

Additionally, plenty of managed service providers maintain their presence on LinkedIn and you
can contact them through there. Again, all you will need to do is search for
keywords that are relevant to your project requirements and then select the
‘Companies’ filter to get the list of potential contractors. Once this is done,
browse through the results to assess the companies before contacting the CTO or
CEO of the promising development resource.

Hiring team of freelancers

There are websites that are popular workplaces for freelancers including Freelancer and
Upwork. Such sites have multiple development teams who offer their services at
a price. These services vary from delivering a variety of infrastructure
solutions, providing custom development of modules for popular e-commerce
platforms or creating corporate or custom CRM eLearning systems to mobile app
development for Android and iOS or web development.

The following are the benefits you may enjoy should you opt to hire a reliable
development team from freelancing websites:

  • You can post a job offer and the
    development team will contact you on their own
  • They have multiple filters which
    allow you to precisley, specify the search parameters
  • They have a rating system which
    helps in evaluating the reliability and skill of the team
  • Freelancers on such sites have
    in-depth details of their experience as well as the technology stack they
  • You will be able to see and read
    the reviews from other customers which help in forming a holistic view on
    the performance of the team

One of the disadvantages of using this approach is the number of multiple job requests you
will have to decline. Another drawback is the involvement of middlemen who can
spoil your hiring process and risk you getting a mediocre quality product.
Also, forming and managing a dedicated development team of freelancers to work
on your project for competition can be an effort-consuming and not to mention a
risky endeavor that is likely to fail.