The Pros & Cons; Should you hire a dedicated offshore development team vs bringing developers in-house

If you’ve started assessing your needs for your IT start-up or small business, you’ve already realized that you’ll need to hire some help as for software development projects. At times, many small businesses find they need added resources or help when creating a new software idea. If you’re finding that any of the above statements help describe your business, then you know you’ll need to seek out some software development aid. However, where can you start looking if you know you need to find some help with software development?

If you are already aware that you’ll need extra resources or developers for your business start-up’s needs, then you have two categories of aid to pick from. Those two choices are to either create your own in-house team of software developers, or to find an offshore remote team that can help you achieve your projects.

No matter which possibility you decide to pick, you’ll find that there are plenty of choices available nowadays covering both choices in the software development market. In fact, the demand for good software development work is growing so quickly, the software development industry is booming. Most start-ups and small businesses share the goal of discovering excellent software development resources that are inexpensive, which can be a challenge. Seeking out affordable options in the software development industry for many start-ups and small businesses shopping on a budget can create difficulties.

For example, even if you need a smaller software development team, you’d still need to hire several individuals to create an effective one. At a bare minimum, you’d need to hire one project manager, a business analyst, one or two software testers, at least two senior developers, plus a few mid-level developers. Trying to hire that many people in a short amount of time could create an ineffective software development team. On the other hand, if you seek out one software development team instead of hiring your own in-house one, you’d be able to hire just one group, but you may wind up spending plenty of time finding the right software development team for your needs.

No matter which method you wind up choosing, you’ll still need to give yourself the time needed so that you hire the best software development team to fit your small business’s needs. Also, you can’t expect the hiring of a software development team to be a straightforward process, since making sure you’ve found the right set of people with the correct skills set for your project can create a challenging task. To help you out, we’ll cover the pros and cons of hiring an in-house software development team versus the pros and cons of picking an offshore software development team.

Hiring an In-House Software Development Team

If you already have a small IT support staff or a small group of software developers and you are looking to build upon what you have to make a more successful team, then hiring an in-house software development team might present the correct path for your business. Starting with little to no software development help can make it difficult to develop a skilled team of software developers, however. Still, if you feel this is the path you want to take, then you’ll be happy to know that this process does work, as long as you have the time and budget to manage such an endeavor.

hiring inhouse vs offshore

If you do decide to employ an in-house team of software developers, it may require some time to find them and ensure they are available to meet your business’s needs. Finding good software developers can present challenges if your business isn’t found in an ideal setting for them. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to make sure you can attract high-quality software developers to your business, and you’ll need to promote your business to them so they understand why working for you would benefit them.

Of course, both finding and attracting quality software developers to your business can require a substantial time investment. If you need to fill your software development needs in a brief period, then you might run into some problems using an in-house development team strategy. The hiring process requires patience, and many small businesses discover they don’t have the time to act patient. Plus, if your company isn’t attractive enough or found in a hot location for software developers, it will be a real challenge to get good software developers to relocate and work in-house for your business.

Hiring an in-house software development team is also not a cheap process. Most software developers make at least $100,000 per year each, so you’d need to factor in that salary and add up how many developers you’d need to employ in-house to understand the yearly costs of an in-house software development team. Not only will you need to pay your in-house software development team, but you’ll also need to employ a human resources staff to deal with your new employees.

However, if you know you’ll need a long-term software development team, then hiring in-house can have its advantages. If you can successfully adapt your software development team into your business, you’ll be able to have a dedicated group of individuals you can rely on to meet your IT goals. However, the challenge with making sure your in-house software development team is successful lies with their ability to adapt to your company’s existing culture. If your team can grasp what your business needs and dedicate its work to help the business reach its goals, you’ll achieve the success you’ve always hoped for. However, not all in-house software development teams adapt so easily to a company’s needs.

Software developers are in such high demand nowadays, the know they can easily find other work that may pay more money. That also means if a few of your newly hired developers aren’t happy with how your business runs, they aren’t likely to stick around because they know they can easily find new jobs. Make sure you keep headhunters for other businesses at a distance from your in-house software development team as well, since other companies may try to steal away your best employees.

Hiring an Offshore Software Development Team

Finding an offshore software development team is often an easier task for small businesses and start-ups to carry out. Since you only need to hire one company, you won’t have to work hard to attract software developers or require them to move to your location. Also, by working with an offshore software development team, smaller IT companies can save quite a bit of money, since offshore software development teams tend to cost less and still produce high-quality work.

If you decide to go with an offshore development team, you’ll find that this choice is not only less expensive, but you’ll also control the development of the projects with ease. You can control the pricing of each project as well and adjust needs as you see fit. Plus, you can use members of your business in the offshore development team’s projects as needed. Good project management is still important when taking on an offshore development team. You can supply your own project management if necessary, but some offshore teams also supply good project management skills to get the job done.

When selecting the right offshore team for your needs, you’ll need to make sure that the companies you look at have the right skills to get the projects you need done completed correctly. That means the offshore software development team you select will need to have both the correct resources and skills that match up with your company’s needs.

advantages of hiring offshore

While hiring a good offshore software development team helps small businesses and start-ups save money, you might run into a few drawbacks. Some offshore software development teams don’t work out well for long-term relationships because some rush things more quickly. However, if you take the time to get to know the offshore software development team you are going to hire, you should be able to steer clear of this problem.

Also remember that while hiring a good offshore software development team can create a cost-effective project for you, you will need to avoid thinking that cheaper is better. You’ll still need to take the time to judge your offshore software development team based on talent and skill. If you wind up hiring somebody that seems more affordable, it might cost you more if they do a poor job and you then hire a different team to redo the project.

Still, finding a high-quality offshore software development team can give you an excellent business partner over the long haul if you find a quality team with the skills necessary to achieve your projects.

Depending on the budget of your company, whether you hire your own in-house team of software developers or an existing offshore team will be your business decision. Both options have their pros and cons, and your final decision should base itself on what your business needs, how much you can spend, and the skills required from the development team to successfully complete the job.