Best Programmers In the World By Country

Computer programming plays a major role in technological changes. This means that excellent computer programmers are critical when it comes to promoting a country’s technology advancement. Figuring out by hire software developers in the world by country can be a daunting task. However, Hackerrank recently released a report to help us identify the best programs in various countries across the world. In this article we shall cover:

  • Education requirements of computer programmers
  • Top countries with the best developers
  • Software development philosophy tips

What is the Role and Required Qualifications to hire software developers?

Computer programmers are responsible for writing or coding programs that communicate with computers to inform them what to do. This is achieved by changing the software program that software engineers develop to form an array of instructions which computers can understand. Many employers search for computer programmers with at least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or information systems.

Some employers, however, require candidates with a master’s degree, especially for complex jobs. As the computer industry continues to evolve, programmers should strive to develop their skills to remain competitive in the market.

Having experience and knowledge of diverse courses can help programmers scale their careers and eventually rise to become established software engineers, independent consultants, project managers, system managers, or information officers. Computer programmers receive different certifications from both academic and professional bodies.

While these are often voluntary, certification demonstrates a certain competence level and this can be beneficial for the candidates in their search for employment. Below is the programmer ranking starting with the best-ranked country.


China was ranked as the top country with the best computer programmers in the world. Chinese programmers outshone their counterparts from different countries in data structural challenges, functional programming, and mathematics. This success can be attributed to the fact that many students in China began their programming early, either in middle or high school. China organizes national programming competitions for young programmers out of which the 4 best students are chosen to attend the international Olympiad in Informatics.

So skilled are Chinese programmers such that 3 of their contestants once won a gold medal in one year, a trend which has continued for almost ten years. Computer programmers in China earn approximately ¥113,500 per annum. This translates to 1,050.56 USD.


Research indicates that the fastest hackers across the world are found in Russia. The aforementioned study by Hackerrank indicated that Russians excelled in algorithms, functional programming, data structures, and artificial intelligence. In terms of programming languages by country, Russian Programmers were highly likely to use Java, C++, SQL, or Python. Programmers in Russia earn approximately ₽130,295 per month which is approximately 2,542.44 USD.



Poland came in at number three in the Hackerrank research. Poland has been producing some of the best coders and this has been attributed to their robust educational background in programming and mathematics. The country has an old yet evolved culture that encourages students to participate in programming competitions. What’s more, the country prides itself in having some of the best IT Universities across the world.

These institutions focus on challenging talented students to excel. It’s this effort that has seen the country produce some of the best programmers. Poland excelled in tutorials, algorithms, and shell. In terms of languages, many programmers in the country use Java, Python, and Ruby. The average salary for computer programmers in Poland is $135,021.


Switzerland has some of the most loyal programmers so much so that some countries look up to them for inspiration. The country had the least number of zero scoring users making their programmers the most determined across the world. If you are a software engineer, finding a job in Switzerland will be highly depended on your understanding of various languages and previous experience.

For instance, if you have a track record in JavaScript or Java EE, you will easily land a well-paying job in an international company. If you are an experienced University graduate, finding a job will also be easy and you could work in the consulting industry. However, if you have a degree with no experience, finding a suitable will be difficult. Still, you could work in startups searching for University degree holders in Computer science.

The average pay for a software engineer in Switzerland is $82,878 per year. In terms of programming languages, many computer programmers in Switzerland prefer Java, SQL, C++, and Ruby. According to Hackerrank, the country excelled in functional programming, databases, algorithms, tutorials, and security.


The average salary for software developers in Hungary is between 613,000 to 802,000. The Hungarian government takes programming seriously which is why they have introduced it in their primary and secondary school curriculum to prepare young programmers.

The country excelled in tutorials, databases, and shell. Many programmers in Hungary are likely to use C++ and Java programming languages. Students who can advance their computer programming skills at some of the best Universities in Budapest.



The average salary for computer programmers in Japan is ¥4,500,000 which translates to 41,616.00 USD. according to the Hackerrank report, Japan excelled in mathematics, data structures, artificial intelligence, and functional programming. The banking sector in Japan is among the highest payers with many of these programming jobs in Osaka or Tokyo.



Many computer programmers in Taiwan prefer Python programming language and the country is considered to be among the most evolved countries when it comes to technology. According to the Hackerrank report, the country excelled in data structures, algorithms, and functional programming. Computer programmers in Taiwan earn an average salary of $900,000 per year.



According to the report by Hackerrank, many computer programmers use C++ and Ruby as their preferred programming languages. Students in France are introduced to programming classes early in their elementary stages, and the results have been promising so far. A recent study to establish the cost of developing a mobile application was conducted in various countries in Western Europe.

They included: Belgium, the UK, Netherlands, Norway, and France. While many of the companies contacted claimed to be local software development companies, only a few had physical offices in the aforementioned countries with some having on-demand computing in either Africa or India. This explains why their rates were much lower between $15 and $30 per hour. However, companies in Europe charged up to $300 per hour. With the average salary being €38,799

Czech Republic

The Hackerrank report revealed that the Czech Republic excelled in mathematics, shell, and security. Developers in this country earn an average of $591,899. Many programmers in the Czech Republic use Python programming language.


The average salary scale for computer programmers in Italy is €27,769. Hackerrank report showed that the country excelled in databases and tutorials while many programmers opt for C++ programming language. The salary often depends on your experience and skills. Experienced programmers could earn up to €47,938.

Software development philosophy Tips for Success

Here are some software development ideologies which are critical when it comes to running successful software projects.

Risk Management


Risk management is a critical part of any project. Working on one solution at a time works better than working on many solutions at the same time. The latter is likely to result in half baked solutions which may not meet your customer’s requirements.

Incorporate users from scratch and strive to write appropriately crafted and viable software. This will help you avoid technical liabilities. Further, you want to factor in technical risks early in advance. These include performance, scalability, and integration factors.

Have Clear Objectives To Hire Software Developers

Skilled employees, technology, the development process, and clear objectives are critical for success. Remember, even established developers face challenges in the midst of unclear objectives, inappropriate technology, and a poor process. Often, the importance of a good research and development process is underrated which shouldn’t be the case. Overall, average developers will succeed better for a big project when using good software. Well established and experienced developers, on the other hand, will perform dismally on the same project when using a poor process.

Modernize Your System

Technology is evolving fast and companies do not adopt modern technology will soon become extinct. Still, you want to conduct research and due diligence before incorporating any modern technology in your organization. Reliable technology should not only offer considerable benefits, but it should also provide support and be diligently maintained.

Automate Your Development Processes

Automation is essential for productive software development. It goes a long way in long term cost savings. You may want to automate technical tests and deployment tasks used for reversion. It’s worth noting that automation requires special tools and expertise to excel. Doing it wrong could result in failure and low return on investment.


While the best coder in the world comes from America, the country is nowhere near the top ten countries with the best programmers in the world. It’s worth noting that as technology evolves, many countries are adopting robust policies to nurture programmers from an early age. This probably explains why small countries are overtaking the already established ones. Governments can achieve more by incorporating computer programming lessons in their curriculum.