Top Code Testing Sites when Hiring your Developers

As a developer, solving various types of coding problems and puzzles can help you: understand the complexities of a programming language, learn new algorithms,get ready for job interviews, and help you become an expert problem solver. If you are an entrepreneur in search of developers, testing them helps you identify committed individuals who are willing to work free of charge before your finally hire them. Here is how to test your developers before hiring them.

How to Test Developers Prior to Hire Developers

Specialists in the software development industry can be problem solvers, inventors, or even investigators. What this means is; evaluating a potential candidate’s portfolio or resume may not give you comprehensive information. Of course, these documents could demonstrate their experience and set of skills.

However, they may not display a potential candidate’s collaboration capabilities, problem-solving, and investigative skills. The only way to evaluate these skills is through testing your developers using more than one testing method. How then can organizations and entrepreneurs establish the ultimate testing method to determine the best candidate for their needs? The following testing methods can come in handy.

·Live coding

Live coding is among the most taxing and toughest challenges that developers go through, which is why many online code editors despise it. Finding the courage to communicate, code, and even think in front of an interviewer can be challenging without prior preparations. Still, live coding tests are a critical source of information.

Through live coding, interviewers are able to monitor a potential candidate’s ability to analyze what they are doing, demonstrate their reasoning ability, display their logic, and show their expertise to code while under pressure.

Live coding enables interviewers to evaluate how potential candidates use their programming skills to execute tasks on their own, as well as assess their collaborative and communicative skills when it comes to working as a team.

Often, live coding is executed through screen sharing. Here, the applicants receive briefs while the interviewers observe them as they tackle the task. Live coding, however, is not similar to a timed exam. It’s objective is not to find the right answer to any problem within a short time. It aims at viewing the entire session as a productive dialogue.



Programming questionnaires are a perfect method of identifying smart developers with ease. Questionnaires not only analyze a developer’s ability to code, but they are also a timely and easy problem-solving method. Many programmers, for instance, recommend FizzBuzz as a great method of identifying well skilled and poorly experienced developers. FizzBuzz is a clear programming task utilized in the software development industry to execute job interviews.

It comes in handy to determine a developer’s ability to write code. At first glance, FizzBuzz may appear simple but it comes with challenging questions so much so that only well experienced and skilled developers will get high scores at the end of the test. Candidates can complete the FizzBuzz tests in a matter of hours. Developers can also test their skills on Code Jam or TopCoder.

· Automated Testing

Automated testing is among the easiest methods of evaluating developers and telling the difference between novice and expert developers. Some platforms such as Tests4Geeks provides various tests to choose from such as tests that include multiple groups such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Tests4Geeks allows interviewers to forward exams to applicants via constant or exclusive links depending on the number of candidates who shall be taking the exam. Further, they enable personal branding characteristics such as customizing a domain or a company logo not only to personalize tests but to also make them appear professional.

Developers can complete and present these online tests for assessing within three to two weeks. The platform will then assess the tests and send the results to the clients through email. As much as test results can help interviewers determine a developer’s skills there are some cons such as; the prolonged deadline.

Novice or poorly experienced developers can take advantage of the prolonged deadline to get help in completing challenging questions and this can result in false test results. The tests can be too prolonged for experienced developers.

Seeing that there is a growing demand for expert developers, having the expert developers complete tests within a prolonged period of time isn’t a good idea and organizations can easily lose excellent developers to their competitors.

The above tests can be essential in various ways. However, they can also drag a company behind. Interviewers can avoid this by deeply analyzing a potential developer’s portfolio to understand whether or not a comprehensive test is necessary.

Top Code Testing Sites

Here are various popular code testing websites to choose from.


Top Coder is one of the most authentic platforms you can leverage on for competitive programming available online. It offers various past algorithmic problems which developers can easily complete on their own using their online code editor.

The website leverages on their popularly known single round matches which are available at specific times every month where developers contest against fellow developers to solve problems fast with the highest score.

The top rated users on this platform are excellent and competitive programmers who engage in programming competitions often. TopCoder allows C++, Java, Python, C#, and VB. Developers should at least be conversant with one of them.

2.Project Euler


Project Euler is a codility testing platform which offers a wide selection of problems in mathematics and computer science realm. The problems comprise of writing a small program to find out the solution to a mathematical equation or formula such as; figuring out the total sum of digits of all numbers before every number in a sequence. Seeing that you may not code directly on the website in an online editor, you will have to write a solution on your computer and then transfer the same on the website. This platform allows the use of various languages such as python and ruby.



Coderbyte provides developers with over 200 coding problems which they can directly solve online using various languages such as C, Swift, C#, PHP, C++, Go, Python, Javascript, Java, and Ruby. the available problems vary from difficult to easy.

Difficult problems involve printing the utmost quantity matching of a  graph while easy problems involve establishing the sizable word within a string. They also offer a selection of introductory videos, algorithm tutorials, and evaluation preparation courses.

Unlike various test platforms, Coder byte allows you to see the solutions that other users offer for various challenges other than those that are officially posted on the Coder byte website


In Hacker Rank, different problems are available for various realms such as mathematics, algorithms, SQL, AI, and functional programming. Developers can directly solve the problems online. The platform offers a leader board as well as a discussion for each problem. Many problems are accompanied by an editorial which gives a comprehensive explanation on the problem and gives guidance on the best way to approach it to establish a solution.

Hacker Rank doesn’t allow developers to see solutions from other users on the platform. In addition, this platform allows users to present applications and place job applications by solving company financed problems. Hacker Rank allows the use of various languages such as JavaScript, Python, Java, C, and C++.



Code chef allows the use of various programming languages such as C, Java, C++, and Python. This platform offers a wide range of problems which allows potential developers to write code on their online editor and see different selections of problems which are divided into various categories according to an individual’s level of expertise.

The platform prides itself in having a vast community of coders who write tutorials, make contributions in forums and participate in coding competitions held at the platform.


Codewars offers a wide selection of coding problems presented and revised by their community. This platform allows developers to directly solve problems through their online editor in various languages such as C#, Clojure, C++, Coffee Script, Dart, Crystal, and Elixir.



Code Eval offers a selection of company-financed coding problems. Solving them appropriately can help you get a job. Organizations can develop challenges and organize competitions to enlist new developers. Code Eval uses various languages such as Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, and Ruby.



LeetCode is a well known online platform that offers a wide range of problems which can help developers prepare to get ready for job interviews. The platform allows you to directly solve the problems online using one of the various programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, Ruby, C++, and JavaScript.

This platform doesn’t allow users to see solutions from other users. However, developers are offered stats for their own solutions to determine various situations such as how agile their code ran in comparison to others.

The platform also has a simulated interview section specially designed for preparing candidates for job interviews. Further, they have an article category to assist expert developers and aspiring developers to understand various problems.


These are some of the popular sites which organizers and entrepreneurs can use to test potential developers. They are ideal platforms that developers can leverage on to prepare for interviews.