What are the Different Types of Developers?


Do you know there are various types of developers in the world of software development? Today, professional developers can execute their knowledge and skills in diverse areas in software development. For instance, a mobile developer is well versed with the necessary tools required for developing games even though he is not a specialist in the game development realm. This article shall help you understand the different types of developers available today and also provide information that how to hire developers.

Front end Developers


Front end developers are also known as client-side developers. They specialize in the development of visual user interfaces such as layouts and aesthetics. Front end developers develop CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for web application or websites to enable users to directly view and collaborate with them.

However, front-end development is marred with one challenge; the techniques and tools utilized in designing a website’s front end fluctuate regularly which means developers should keep a tab on advancements as they happen in the industry. The main aim of website design is to make them user-friendly, meaning that users can view the information in a relevant and easy to read format. In today’s world where users use different gadgets to access websites, developers are tasked with considering all these factors during the website design process. This is necessary to ensure that websites are appropriately displayed in varying operating systems, browsers, and gadgets.

To achieve this successfully, front end developers should adopt thorough planning strategies. A front end freelance developer should have comprehensive knowledge of design concepts, human-machine interaction, and various frameworks such as Backbone, EMberJS, Foundation, Bootstrap, and AngularJS. They should also be conversant with libraries such as LESS and jQuery. Having Ajax experience increases their value in the career world. Further, they should be well skilled in:

  • User experience design
  • User interface design
  • JavaScript
  • UI frameworks
  • CSS and HTML

Back end Developers


Back end developers are also known as Server-side developers. They specialize in designing the principal computational logic and the logical back-end of a website, information system, or software. The developer designs features and components that the user can directly access via a front end system or application. Back end developers are skilled in C#, C++, Java, and other advanced programming languages.

They are tasked with ensuring that the services or data required by the front end software or system is provided via programmatic methods. In house on shore back end developers are also tasked with designing and maintaining a complete system’s back end which comprises or databases, principal application logic, API, data and application integration, logging systems, data storage systems, email systems, and caching systems. They also execute evaluation and debugging of any back end system or application.

Full Stack Developers

Full-stack developers are individuals who are capable of handling both the back end and front end operations of a system or application. While they may not be masters in everything that makes working in the back end and front end easy, they are skilled enough to work at both sides with ease and figure out the operations during application development.

A full-stack developer should have a comprehensive understanding of HTML and CSS, back end language such as; Ruby, Node.js, Python, PHP, and Java, JavaScript, web application architecture, and data structures and basic algorithms, and web storage and databases.

Mobile developers


Mobile developers are individuals who specialize in developing software for mobile technology and gadgets for various operating systems. Mobile developers emerged with the popularity of mobile gadgets and the popularity of smart gadgets in the market. Previously, mobile development was part of embedded development.

These dedicated offshore developers should understand the appropriate software development environment and programming languages in their preferred platform. There are various mobile platforms in the market today, each of which comes with a unique development environment and core languages such as C# for phones that run on Windows, Objective-C for iOS, and Java for Android. However, this is subject to change as fast as technology evolves. Mobile developers should be conversant with various operating systems, frameworks, and the development environment used to design software on the operating systems.

Embedded Developers

Embedded developers specialize in designing programs and writing code that facilitates the proper functioning of gadgets in different industries. With the evolution of technology, more gadgets are currently using embedded or integrated computer software. For this reason, embedded developers have to design programs that can be used in various industries such as defense, transportation, communications, and the medical sector.

Often, embedded developers use C++ and C programming languages. The ideal embedded developer should possess excellent collaboration skills seeing that they need to work together with different teams to guarantee the efficient functioning of hardware and software components. Embedded developers should be able to design software that’s compatible with hardware for both complex machinery and handheld gadgets.

This requires them to be conversant with a vast range of programming languages as well as understand the role of software in hardware functionality. During the development and design process, embedded developers should carry out debugging and troubleshooting procedures to make sure that their code is functioning appropriately. These include; assessing large scale software functionality and handling smaller elements of the software to fix functionality problems such as crashes and lag time. Further, the developer executes regular deployment procedures.

Graphic Developers


Graphic developers are technical professionals who specialize in designing unique computer programs for use in complex 3D and 2D graphics. They have comprehensive knowledge in advanced linear algebra and mathematics and are conversant with animation, mapmaking, and computer-aided design. The popularity of video and computer games has increased the demand for graphic developers.

These professionals are tasked with designing authentic animation and graphic characters. Due to the complexity of their job, graphic developers should be skilled in sophisticated software and advanced computer languages. The ideal graphic developer should have a robust understanding of mathematics and exhaustive awareness of the ever-changing world of graphic techniques.

To appropriately execute 3D animation, graphic developers will need exceptional programming skills and understand algorithms, calculus, and algebra. Often, these developers will need to collaborate with artists, remote contractors, producers, and designers to determine obstacles and work towards finding appropriate solutions. Apart from computer games, graphic developers can develop games for various game consoles.

Currently, graphic developers who specialize in the development of games are in high demand. Graphic developers should have a clear understanding of operating systems and databases as well as graphical user interfaces and the systems programming required in both 4th and 5th generation languages.

The graphics development world evolved regularly which is why developers should upgrade their skills and knowledge to remain competitive. They can do so by attending refresher conferences and courses. A good graphic developer possesses great communication, artistic, and creativity skills.

Web Developers

Web developers are professionals who specialize in developing applications that related to distributed network operations and the world wide web, which utilize associated programming languages such as HTML and CSS, PHP, Ruby, and C# to run protocols from a website server to a client browser. Often, a web developer focuses on the programming or back end procedure of creating a web application or website.

A web developer is different from a web designer seeing that the latter specializes in the aesthetic part of an application or website. Still, some developers are skilled in both areas. Web developers can work in various organizations ranging from large companies to small and medium-sized establishments, with many of them working on freelance terms.

While many employers opt to employ professionals with a computer-related background, web developers can have diverse educational qualifications. This is because a lot of web development skills are attained via practice as long as candidates are conversant with the ideal programming language.

Game Developers


Game developers is a general term used to establish developers who specialize in creating games. While game developers can come from any of the other developer categories discussed here, they have distinct skills and knowledge in developing and executing interactive and interesting gaming experiences.

Game developers use various frameworks such as; OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, Unity 3D, and programming languages such as C++, C, and java. Since Adobe flash was abandoned, HTML5 and JavaScript are the new platforms for creating web-based games while Java and Swift are used for creating games on mobile gadgets.

Security Developers


Security developers specialize in designing methods, systems, and procedures to evaluate the security level of software systems and solve any security problems. These developers often operate as white hat ethical hackers and often seek to traverse through systems to establish vulnerabilities.

Security developers usually develop tools in various programming languages such as Ruby and Python and are well versed with the different patterns used to invade software systems. Expert security developers can comprehensively read operating systems code written in C++ and C and can backtrack commercial software systems and libraries in a bid to establish and manage vulnerabilities.


In today’s digital world where technology is evolving rapidly, software developers are some of the most sought after professionals and there are numerous career opportunities in the market to hire developers. To enhance your skills and increase your chances of getting a well-paying employment opportunity in the development world, you need to get appropriate education, master a specific programming language, improve your mathematics skills, and practice regularly.