Navigating the Waters of Hiring Dedicated Offshore Developers

While offshore software development can cut down costs, it often comes with various challenges which entrepreneurs may not notice early enough. Entrepreneurs who plan to hire dedicated offshore developers, therefore, should understand how to overcome the challenges in order to have an effective team of offshore developers. In this article, we shall seek to understand:

  • Common challenges in offshore software development
  • How to overcome the challenges, and
  • How to hire an effective offshore team

Continued technological advancements and the growing competition in the business industry have necessitated increased demand for offshoring services. According to studies, approximately 65% of people who were interviewed said plans were underway to develop offshore development teams in areas limited to business processes, big data, cloud computing, and enterprise mobility. Still, understanding the challenges involved and how to overcome them goes a long way in guaranteeing a smooth process. They include:

Substandard Code Quality


Quality control can become challenging if you are working with an offshore development team. Some offshore developers are likely to have varying perceptions regarding project management and business practices. At the conclusion of the project, the end product could be below your expectations. Further, you could be working with novice or less experienced developers who are yet to master the best development practices.

Cultural and Language Barrier


what-are-the-best-ways-to-communicate-with-your-remote-development-team%ef%bb%bf/”>Effective communication is critical as it helps teams deliver the project depending on your expectation. Where there are language and cultural barriers, offshore developers may not comprehend the project requirements and this can result in numerous errors.

Dreadful Logistics

Defining your project expectations is critical when you are working with offshore developers. You want to be able to determine deadlines, organize phone calls, and hold meetings to ensure that team members are on the same page.

The effectiveness of these logistic practices can, however, be affected by time zone differences. Sometimes you could be forced to hold meetings during the night especially when you have deadlines to meet. These problems could become frustrating both for you and the team and this can lead to prolonged timelines and increased expenses.

Unclear Objectives and Impractical Expectations

Some clients may present unclear objectives regarding their project. This is perhaps one of the most common challenges that developers face. Often, clients may have unrealistic expectations about their projects and this can hinder the completion of the project.

How to Overcome the Challenges

Offshore software development centers are today becoming an ideal source of talent. This has been necessitated by the increasing number of entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource jobs. As we have seen above, offshore software development comes with different challenges.

Businesses should adopt robust strategies to overcome these challenges for their projects to run smoothly. Remember, offshoring involves working with a team that’s a different time zone away and this can have a negative impact when it comes to coordination. The following tips will guarantee a smooth process.

Assess the Team’s Capability


Before choosing your developers, you need to interview the potential developers to establish how skilled they are. You can leverage the knowledge, experience, and qualifications of your in house team of developers to come up with questions for the offshore team based on the project requirements.

From the outcome of the interviews, businesses can understand whether or not the offshore team is conversant and qualified enough to execute the project accordingly. Seeing that businesses don’t interact with the remote hire developers, they should exercise caution during the selection process to guarantee good results.

Understand Time Differences


Understanding each other’s time zones is critical before work on the project begins. To avoid disappointment, both parties should have a clear communication to determine the project requirements and the deadline. Such arrangements come in handy especially for projects that require a fast turnaround. Still, communicating face to face or through the phone can be difficult for teams working in different time zones. Companies can choose to communicate through email or conference calls when the need arises.

Ask for Samples of their Previous Projects

For companies to be sure, they need to ask their candidates for samples of their previous projects as well as the time they took to successfully complete them. Companies want to be sure that candidates are capable of handling their project requirements. To determine this, companies can have their in-house developers assess the complexity of the projects that the candidates have completed.

Various Methods of Hiring Offshore Developers


There are various methods of finding offshore developers. Some companies rely on recruiters. Here, the company forwards their project requirements and the candidates they are looking for to the recruiter. The recruiter is then tasked with finding the best candidate who matches the project requirements. However, some companies have reported bad experiences with recruiters and are, therefore, opposed to this method.

Rather than having different offshore developers for their projects, some companies opt to delegate their entire project to a single contractor. Working with a single contractor helps you cut down on compatibility challenges. Further, you are guaranteed to get your project within the stipulated upon time. You also save on time you would have spent interviewing different offshore developers.

Depending on the longevity of their project, some companies will choose to hire a dedicated developer team. The team is tasked with availing software development staff to the company on a long term basis. Still, some companies may want to find offshore developers using various online sources.

However, finding an authentic source can be an arduous task especially in today’s fast changing internet world. Companies should exercise caution and do their due diligence to avoid hiring unqualified developers. Freelance platforms are ideal sources where companies can get qualified developers.

The advantage of using these platforms is: you just need to post your project and potential candidates will place their applications then you can choose the ones who best fit your project requirements. Upon identifying your preferred candidate, you can request them for a paid sample project and from the outcome, you can decide whether they are qualified enough to execute your project satisfactorily.

Why do You need Offshore Developers for Your Startup Business?

According to research, approximately 72% of businesses opt to outsource their software development tasks as opposed to in house development. Here are the reasons why.

Saving Time and Enhanced Productivity


Hiring a team of effective offshore developers will save your company time and hasten the development process. Time is a critical factor for startup businesses especially because they want to scale their businesses and beat competition. Working with a qualified and experienced team means they are skilled enough and you don’t need to train them afresh. What’s more, the offshore development company will handle both the HR and project management activities giving you sufficient time to focus on critical components of your business.

Reliability and Efficiency


Offshoring companies strive to carve a reputation in an overly competitive market. They can achieve this by being reliable and efficient when executing their tasks. Working with dedicated offshore developers allows you access to advanced and well-organized processes to deliver good quality products within a short period of time.

To keep clients updated with the development processes, offshoring companies have in place assessment procedures and detailed reporting. This enables startup companies to track the development progress in actual time. What’s more, they can evaluate how practical the project is in relation to their business needs.

The good thing with such transparency is: you can always ask the offshore company to redo any part of the project that you are not satisfied with without incurring any additional costs. Of course, this will depend on the contract you have with the service provider.

It’s worth noting that finding an efficient and reliable offshore development company that matches your needs can be a daunting task which requires lots of effort and time. You may want to conduct extensive research online and focus on reading independent and objective reviews on any company before using their services. Once you identify a promising company, ask them for references and get in touch with them for more insight.

Diverse Talent

Outsourcing is an ideal way of accessing a wide variety of talent which you probably don’t have in-house. For instance, many of the software developers in California are currently working for big tech companies and earn colossal amounts of money. Not only are they comfortable with their employers, but they enjoy attractive bonuses.

What this means is: offshoring developers from California for a startup can be an arduous task. Companies can diversify their search in other countries such as Europe and Asia where there is an influx of skilled developers willing to work for startups.

Advanced Infrastructure


Setting up a fully developed IT department where the developers can outline, test, and enforce intricate software applications and systems can be a tall order for startup businesses. However, a reliable offshore development company has all the essential infrastructure required for such projects installed and upgraded to deliver excellent results.

This saves startup companies from purchasing costly equipment that is not up to speed with their employee competence or business operations. It’s important to understand that infrastructure in software development is more than physical hardware. It comprises of the methodologies, processes, and virtual tools developed and advanced over time to achieve a responsive and efficient product development channel.


Businesses can wade the waters of hiring offshore developers by understanding the challenges involved in the process and knowing how to overcome them. Hiring offshore developers comes with many benefits, especially for startups. However, entrepreneurs should conduct extensive research before choosing an offshore software development team.